Pippa is using the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery

We may live in straitened times but one luxury that women – and, increasingly, men – seem unwilling to cut back on is cosmetic surgery. Latest figures show demand has risen for every type of procedure. Here  the experts describe the most requested  new treatments . . .


WHAT IS IT? A hand-held device delivers radio-frequency (RF) waves via hair-fine needles. This heats the lower layers, stimulating production of collagen – the protein that gives youthful firmness. Sometimes it needs to be performed under local anaesthetic.

The Radio Frequency system can help tighten bingo wings, jowls and bellies. It also treats stretchmarks. Actress Anna Friel is among the  celebrities who have admitted to using RF  skin-tightening treatments on her face.

Patients can be red and swollen for few days. The system we use has safer insulated needles so the heat is delivered accurately.


THE TREATMENT: Restylane Lip Refresh

WHAT IS IT?  The latest lip treatments give natural definition and a youthful texture. This involves a very fluid form of hyaluronic acid – similar to the naturally occurring substance in skin that keeps it moist – with the painkiller lidocaine being injected into the lips, to plump them for four to six months before being safely reabsorbed by the body.

Restylane Lip Refresh is ideal for women who wouldn’t otherwise consider having lip injections.

The formula is injected in small quantities just under the surface of the lip where it becomes very smooth and attracts water. This gives the lips a youthfully moist, plumped surface.

It revitalises the lip to give gloss rather than adding bulk. Another advantage is that clients don’t need local anesthetic.

DOWNSIDES? Your lips may be swollen afterwards for about 48 hours. Treatment needs to be repeated every six months.


WHAT IS IT? A liposuction treatment – where the most superficial layers of fat under the skin are removed and sculpted to create a lean, toned look, which could include a perter bottom. Radio Frequency delivered under the skin liquefy fat, before it is sucked out via hollow needles.

Women have been asking for a soft yet defined-looking body like Pippa Middleton’s – which she achieved through Pilates. I can sculpt the superficial layer of fat around the muscles to reveal them.’


THE TREATMENT: PureGraft or BodyJet liposuction plus fat graft to the breast

WHAT IS IT? Fat is taken from the stomach, bottom or hips via liposuction and transferred to the breasts. The special liposuction means that the fat contains stem and regenerative cells that keep it alive. The procedure takes three hours and is done under local anaesthetic. This is set to become more popular this year in light of the many implant scandal. We can restore volume to breasts.


THE TREATMENT: Temple filling

WHAT IS IT? The newest ‘tweakment’ uses hyaluronic fillers to fill areas at the sides of the brow. ‘This area can become gaunt in slim women, as they age. A little filler smooths the area, adding volume and elongating the brow.

We use highly dilute hyaluronic acid and inject under the muscle as the skin in this area is so thin here that lumps can show through. Always choose a doctor with the right experience.’

DOWNSIDES? There may be bruising and, in inexperienced hands, a risk of lumpiness.

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