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Tips to Keep Newborn’s Skin Healthy

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Anticipate Rashes, Bumps, and Spots Babies develop a myriad of skin conditions during the first few months of life. These include cradle cap, diaper rash, toxic erythema, milia, infantile acne, and others. Some are caused by normal hormonal changes or immature pores, while others are caused by inflammation or, rarely, an infection. Newborns Get Rashes […]

Beauty Fixes for Teen Girls

Monster Zit Problem: The big dance is hours away, and you’ve got an erupting volcano on your nose. Solution: Don’t pop! Picking at a pimple will only make it more glaring. Wash with a gentle cleanser and use a benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid cream. Apply a light layer of oil-free, “noncomedogenic” cover-up, which won’t block your […]

Ten health benefits of gelatin

Gelatin brings to mind a flavored, colorful dessert. However, gelatin is also a common ingredient in soups, broths, sauces, gummy candies, marshmallows, cosmetics, and medications. Its high protein content makes gelatin a popular choice for those who are recovering from an illness. Some people take gelatin or its components as a supplement. Gelatin and collagen contain similar […]

How to Avoid a Breakout When You Work Out

How to Avoid a Breakout When You Work Out

While working out might boost your health and mood, it also might cause your skin to break out. But don’t kick your New Year’s resolutions to the curb just yet, because dermatologists say that exercise-induced acne can be prevented. Experts from the American Academy of Dermatology explained that hitting the gym can cause oil, dirt and bacteria to […]

A Woman’s Guide to Skin Care During and After Menopause

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People sometimes refer to menopause as “the change of life,” but many women are surprised that one of the things that changes is their skin, an expert says. “Although fluctuating hormones during menopause can result in a number of skin changes, these don’t need to be disruptive to daily life,” said New York City dermatologist Dr. Diane Berson. “With the […]