7 reasons why women are turning to non-surgical minimally invasive skin tightening procedures

Image of Face and Neck Skin Tightening Results
By DR. MICHAEL HAKIMI When most women first notice skin laxity in their face and neck, it usually happens when they’re busy living, working and enjoying full lives. And it’s the stresses of daily life that can cause anyone to look and feel tired. Not liking what they see in the mirror can become even more troubling when major life events approach. For these women, treatments that only offer temporary improvement are not an option. And neither are surgical solutions that require lengthy downtime and recovery. Here are 7 important reasons why many women are choosing non-surgical skin tightening procedures. Single treatment results: The goal is to look younger with a single treatment and not having to return for multiple treatments sessions. While serums and creams can improve the skin’s appearance, getting noticeable results can often take time. Non-surgical skin tightening offers clear results in one visit. No downtime: With non-surgical skin tightening, you can quickly get back to your normal activities in a fraction of the time required by surgical procedures. Natural looking tighter skin: Non-surgical skin tightening enables women to look refreshed and healthy. By smoothing away wrinkles, and crow’s feet and supporting youthful contours, a non-surgical solution can turn back the clock on your skin’s appearance. Natural healing: With a radiofrequency minimally invasive skin tightening, offered by Liftique Naturalle, women benefit from a physiologic solution that works from the inside out, to boost collagen and elastin production. Essentially, it stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms to produce results.. Virtually no pain: Since there are no scalpels or incisions during the liftique face and neck tightening procedure post operative pain is minimal with no pain medications needed. You will feel some tightness and swelling in your face and neck for a short period of time. Results that are not temporary: After treatment Liftique Naturelle patients will enjoy results for many year without the need to come back for other treatments Safe and effective: This is not a traditional surgical procedure so there are advantages with limited risks and recovery with visible improvement results.. That means peace of mind for you and your family. Liftique skin tightening meets the needs of women today. It offers natural looking, tighter, smoother skin in a single visit. And that’s with no pain, no scalpels and minimal downtime. To learn more about all the benefits of non-surgical skin tightening, ask for a free, no obligation consultation by calling 1-844-4TIGHTSKIN (1-844-484-4487).

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