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How to Reduce Wrinkles With Lifestyle Changes

Woman with wrinkle and after wrinkle removal

Sleep On Your Back An uninterrupted 8 hours of restful sleep is important in maintaining good overall health. Chronic sleep deprivation can decrease one’s sense of well-being and increase the likelihood of depression. Severe depression could cause wrinkling by producing undesirable contraction of the muscles controlling the forehead and around the mouth. Eat More Fish […]

How to Avoid a Breakout When You Work Out

How to Avoid a Breakout When You Work Out

While working out might boost your health and mood, it also might cause your skin to break out. But don’t kick your New Year’s resolutions to the curb just yet, because dermatologists say that exercise-induced acne can be prevented. Experts from the American Academy of Dermatology explained that hitting the gym can cause oil, dirt and bacteria to […]

A Woman’s Guide to Skin Care During and After Menopause

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People sometimes refer to menopause as “the change of life,” but many women are surprised that one of the things that changes is their skin, an expert says. “Although fluctuating hormones during menopause can result in a number of skin changes, these don’t need to be disruptive to daily life,” said New York City dermatologist Dr. Diane Berson. “With the […]

Exfoliate Safely

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Exfoliating can do more harm than good, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). “For some people, exfoliation can actually make their skin worse with increased redness or acne breakouts,” said Dr. Rebecca Tung, associate professor of dermatology at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Ill. “If you choose to exfoliate, it’s important to do so safely […]

How to get rid of large pores

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A person’s pores may be more or less noticeable depending on their skin type. If a person is concerned about the appearance of their pores, there are some home remedies that may help.  There are two types of pores. One releases the body’s natural oil, called sebum; the other releases sweat. Sometimes the oil-releasing pores […]