12 Questions you simply must ask before undergoing a nonsurgical facelift skin tightening procedure

Neck Skin Tightening Results Before and After Images
By Dr. Michael Hakimi Investigating a nonsurgical facelift and skin tightening procedure is an exciting first step toward a more refreshed and fantastic you. But, before making your decision, remember that your needs and goals are unique. To help you get the information you need during your consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, be sure to ask these questions. 
    1. Are my goals reasonable and realistic for nonsurgical or minimally invasive skin tightening? Your surgeon should be able to candidly explain what you can expect from his or her treatment plan.
    2. What kind of anesthesia will you recommend for me? With your medical history and procedure details in hand, your surgeon should be specific. 
    3. How much pain should I expect, and what do you recommend for managing it? This would be a good time to discuss any issues you may have had with pain management in the past.
    4. What will I need to do to get the best results? By following the guidance of your surgeon regarding your beauty regimen, you can take an active role in your skin’s rejuvenation. 
    5. What is my recovery timeframe, and how long before l look normal again? With your medical history and procedure details in hand, your surgeon can be specific about your timeframe.
  • What are the risks and complications associated with my procedure? 
    1. What is your success rate with this procedure? And what will you do if I have a complication? Experienced surgeons have contingency plans, should the unexpected occur. Ask them for details.
  • Regarding revisions, if I’m not happy with the results, what is your policy? You deserve to be happy! Typically, a qualified plastic surgeon should provide their policy in writing. Along these lines, you should ask how many revisions has the surgeon has done on his or her own work. 
    1. Can I speak to your patients, who have had this procedure, and see their before-and-after photos? This is a great way to learn, first hand, about what to expect from the procedure.
    2. Will my procedure be done in your office, an outpatient center or hospital? It’s a good thing to have hospital privileges, because this speaks to your surgeon’s abilities. If he or she does have them, you can choose to have your procedure done in a hospital. 
    3. Who will perform the actual surgery and outpatient care? To avoid surprises, it’s best to know who will perform your procedure.
  • What are the costs of treatment, and does your office offer financing? It’s a practical question that could help you get the procedure you want, at a budget-friendly price.
  Asking these questions will help you develop a good rapport with your plastic surgeon, and support a positive outcome for your procedure. You’ll also learn how Liftique Naturelle™ can give you natural looking, tighter, smoother skin in a single visit. With no pain, no scalpels and minimal downtime. To learn more, ask for a free, no obligation consultation by calling 1-844-4LIFTIQUE (1-844-454-3847).

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